Originally published in PPC Magazine.


L.A.-based Spectra Company's facade restoration of Catalina Casino, a 12-story Santa Catalina landmark, was a comprehensive preservation project including lead-based paint remediation, epoxy injection, spall/crack repair, ornamental stone repair/replication, door/window restoration and a complete waterproofing with sealants and caulking.

"The biggest challenges started with equipment and product delivery as everything had to transported to the island by barge," says Ray Adamyk, president of Spectra Company. "Employees had to be housed on the island. Weather conditions made transportation to the island difficult. Transporting the scaffolding proved especially cumbersome with the high wind conditions."

Pro Select Stampede 1 Part Polyurethane Sealant was used prior to painting with A-100 Exterior Latex.

"Our Sherwin-Williams sales rep Eric Laine was a great help in getting product to the island to accommodate difficult schedules," Adamyk says. "Deliveries were always timely and responsive. He was instrumental with recommendations on the proper products and provided expert color matches to island representatives to help us win the job."

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