Easy to apply with a low-stipple finish, Cashmere is the epitome of smooth.

Cashmere is a unique, ultra-smooth, high-hiding interior latex paint engineered primarily for residential repaint work. The non-sticky application goes on like butter, providing an exclusive, silky, high-end finish in flat enamel or low or medium lustre that your customers will really notice and truly appreciate. And thanks to its great coverage and scrubable sheen, it’s easy to maintain.
What sets Cashmere apart:
  • Rich finish. Because of its easy flow and leveling quality, Cashmere releases from the brush and roller with limited drag, resulting in a smooth, flawless finish.
  • Great durability. High hide and scrubability make Cashmere perfect for everyday use and a snap to maintain.
  • Room-enhancing sheen. A paint’s sheen — a measurement of its light-reflecting abilities — has a dramatic effect on the overall look of an interior room. Cashmere is available in flat enamel and low- and medium-lustre sheens, making it perfect for accommodating every room type and look your customer is trying to achieve.