Appearance of a darker/denser color or higher sheen where two layers overlap during paint application.


  • Failure to maintain a "wet edge" when painting. Essentially, some areas are receiving 2 coats.
  • Painting on an unsealed surface.
  • Painting under high temperatures.


See Lead Information.

  • Maintain a wet edge. When painting, apply paint in the unpainted area first and then back into the wet paint surface. This technique will produce a smooth, uniform appearance. Work in manageable-size areas; plan for interruptions at a natural break, such as a window, door, or corner.
  • Prime the surface with the appropriate primer to prevent the paint from soaking into the surface and drying too quickly.
  • Follow label and data page directions for the appropriate environmental conditions.
  • Begin rolling at a corner near the ceiling and work down the wall in three-foot-square sections.
  • Spread the paint in an "N" pattern, starting rolling from a dry area into the wet area.
  • Cross-roll to fill in the "N".
  • Finish with light, downward, parallel strokes to uniform the finish.