Originally published in STIR®
This glossary of essential paint and color terms will help you, your colleagues and your clients stay on the same page when discussing projects.

This excerpt focuses on technique terms.

  • Bleaching. The use of oxatic acid or other agents to lighten or restore discolored or stained wood to its original color.
  • Bleeding. The diffusion of color matter from underlying surfaces through a coating, causing color change.
  • Dull Rubbed Effect. A common furniture finish in which gloss is rubbed to a mar-free, dull finish with sandpaper, pumice or steel wool.
  • Feathering. Blending the edges of a finished area by lifting the brush at the end of the stroke so that the edge becomes indefinite. Also, sanding a dry film and tapering the edge smooth with the underlying substrate.
  • Graining. The process of applying a wood grain pattern onto a surface that does not possess natural grain textures.
  • Marbling. A special-effect glazing technique that makes a substrate look like marble.
  • Metalizing. A process of coating a surface with a layer of metal by spraying, vacuum deposition, dipping, plasma jet, cementation, or other methods.
  • Yellowing. Development of a yellow color upon aging or curing.

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