Introducing the new ColorSnap® for mobile

Capture color inspiration whenever it strikes. With ColorSnap from Sherwin-Williams, you have the power to take real-world colors and turn them into paint-color swatches—all on your smartphone.

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See how ColorSnap can help you find the perfect Sherwin-Williams paint color.


  • Match colors to any photo

    Capture colors that inspire you and match them to real paint colors. Just upload an image and ColorSnap will instantly match colors in your photo, helping you create a perfect, personalized palette.

  • Find the color you're looking for

    Discover endless color possibilities. Search by name or browse Sherwin-Williams' library of more than 1,500 colors from your iPhone or Android smartphone with the paint color app.

  • Turn color numbers into painted scenes

    Scan from in-store color chips or try it anywhere our color numbers are displayed to see colors painted in our sample scenes.

  • Build your color confidence

    View multiple scenes painted in the color of your choice. Just choose a color from your palette to instantly see painted scenes and feel confident choosing colors.

  • Access your colors anywhere

    Create a account to save your favorite colors and access them on any Sherwin-Williams paint color matching app on your computer or tablet.

And so much more!

  • Create a custom palette or Ask Sherwin-Williams for colors that complement your color.
  • Fine-tune to find the perfect color with lightness, saturation and hue features.
  • Get detailed color information, including color names, RGB values and LRV numbers.
  • Find a Sherwin-Williams store near you.

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